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January 19, 2018

What Kind of K-Beauty Girl Are You?

Minimalist, badass, geek: Whatever your style, there’s a K-beauty category just for you. So what kind of K-beauty girl (or guy) are you? The answer to that question can actually reveal what types of Korean beauty products and even brands you should be using. Keep scrolling to find out!



One of the best aspects of K-beauty is that it’s for everyone. Whether you’re a bashful introvert who’ll experiment with makeup only in the comforts of your own home, a spotlight-seeking socialite whose goal is to flaunt the latest trend first, a pubescent teen tirelessly fighting acne, or a busy stay-at-home mama in need of a pamper sesh, there’s a spot in K-beauty with your name written all over it.


While none of us can be pegged into a single category, we all have personal preferences and habits towards which we tend to gravitate. These little quirks can reveal a lot about how you beautify. Curious what your kindred K-beauty spirit is? Browse the checklists below to see which best describes you.


The K-Beauty Geek


k-beauty girl


Your Korean celebrity spirit animal is Kim Seul Gi because she’s all sorts of smart, witty, and quirky.


Your idea of an ideal skincare routine consists of a cleanser that balances out your skin’s pH level and legit products that you concluded were just right for your skin after much research and trial and error that may or may not have included pH strips and before-and-after photos.


Your everyday makeup is preferably hassle-free BB cream and mascara, but you’ll show up dolled up if the occasion calls for it.


Your uniform includes a top with cheeky graphics.


In any given moment, you’d rather be in front of your computer YouTube’ing skincare and makeup reviews.


You’ll never be caught in public without lip balm because chapped lips are a waste of time.


K-beauty brands you may love aren’t afraid to look nerdy and get straight to the point.


k-beauty girl


Case in point, Eclado Professional Formula Ampoule sets look like they belong in a science lab, and perhaps rightly so because the formula is boosted with bio-technology to maximize key ingredients. Each of these sets feature highly concentrated all-stars like snail secretion filtrate or collagen that effectively target a specific skin concern.


Dr. Jart+ may also tickle your fancy, not because the packaging borders pharmaceutical (OK, fine, maybe that has a little something to do with the appeal), but because the Cicapair Re-Cover Day Cream actually color-corrects uneven skin tones. Not to mention, even their BB creams cater to specific skin types — dry, oily, acne-prone, and aging. So smart.


The K-Beauty Minimalist


k-beauty girl


Your Korean celebrity spirit animal is Song Hye Kyo because you’re into her fresh-faced, clean aesthetic.


Your idea of an ideal skincare routine consists of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and SPF. LBR you’re also easily swayed by simple packaging that makes for a crisp shelfie shot.


Your everyday makeup is brows, mascara, and MLBB lips.


Your uniform includes a quality tee and high-end jeans.


In any given moment, you’d rather be curled up at home, book and pour-over coffee in hand.


You’ll never be caught in public without good brows to structure your face, which likely has barely-there makeup on it.


K-beauty brands you love feature products that are simply packaged and packed with the essential ingredients your skin needs.


k-beauty girl


If it isn’t already, COSRX, with its clean and uncomplicated packaging, just might be your very next must-try brand. The products are just as much function as they are form. Their fashionably basic and anything-but-boring bottles fit seamlessly into the minimalist vibe of your vanity, while the formulas star one or two key ingredients usually listed in the title that get the job done. The Galactomyces Alcohol Free Toner features 10% galactomyces ferment filtrate and no alcohol, hydrating skin with just what it needs to stay moisturized. The brand’s easy sunscreen, Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++ comfortably shields skin from the sun’s UV rays with an impressive 5,500ppm (parts per million) of soothing aloe leaf extract.


Another brand you’ll swoon over is Graymelin because it doesn’t, or can’t, get any more minimalist than their ampoules. The Hyaluronic Acid 100% is made of, you guessed it, 100% Sodium Hyaluronate, the salt form of hyaluronic acid. The water-attracting salts feature a smaller molecular size, which allows for more effective absorption into skin and fabulous moisture retention that’ll get you hooked.


The K-Beauty Goddess


k-beauty girl


Your Korean celebrity spirit animal is Jun Ji Hyun because she’s equal parts killer confidence and otherworldly beauty. And because you’d die for her entire closet.


Your idea of an ideal skincare routine consists of everything. You leave nothing out, from a multiple cleanse to thoroughly erase all your makeup, to luxurious overnight creams for true beauty sleep and professional facials every day once in a while.


Your everyday makeup is flawless skin (even if achieved with cosmetics), covetable brows, flushed cheeks, lush lashes, and a colored pout.


Your uniform includes minimum 4-inch heels.


In any given moment, you’d rather be making a grand entrance with all eyes on you, preferably somewhere with a spotlight.


You’ll never be caught in public without look-at-me lashes and amazing hair.


K-beauty brands you love have elegantly packaged products that you want to parade on your top shelf and beam with delight over every day. The prices may make more of a dent in your wallet, but the ingredients wax eloquent, not skimping on high quality ingredients like hanbang herbs.


k-beauty girl


Missha’s anti-aging line MISA Cho Gong Jin is a royal roll call of decadently decorated products, complete with sparkling golden lids and ruby-toned bottles and jars. The presentation is enough to make you feel like a Joseon era queen. Beyond the presentation, the rich formulas revitalize and rejuvenate aging skin with an elasticity-boosting combination of herbal ingredients, firming Phellinus linteus, purifying lotus, and strengthening red and black ginseng.


If you’re feeling real extra, indulge your skin with the finer things in life such as escargot. It’s Skin Prestige Ginseng D’Escargot is an elixir of K-beauty aristocracy: ginseng and 21% snail secretion filtrate. Beautytap Editor at Large Jude Chao raved: “Without fail, every morning after using it, I’d wake up looking like I’d dipped my face in a bowl of BB cream. The calming and redness reduction, overall evening out of my skin tone, and subtle progressive brightening effects I saw had me seriously questioning everything I’ve ever thought about It’s Skin. My skin adores this stuff.” It also doesn’t hurt that the faceted, sparkling jar resembles a precious jewel — an irresistible lure for a diva like you.


The K-Beauty Naturalist


k-beauty girl


Your Korean celebrity spirit animal is Lee Hyori (Jeju edition) because you vibe with the natural beauty’s love for nature and her free spirit.


Your idea of an ideal skincare routine consists of cruelty-free and eco-friendly products, of course.


Your everyday makeup is a bare face with the exception of SPF and mascara.


Your uniform includes organic or fair-trade pieces in breathable silhouettes.


In any given moment, you’d rather be eating a salad.


You’ll never be caught in public without SPF because you never know where the day will take you.


K-beauty brands you may love also love furry friends and focus on natural ingredients and packaging that won’t harm them or the environment. The good news is that South Korea has been working on banning animal testing for cosmetics by 2018, penalizing manufacturers and retailers that test on animals with a fine.


skincare superfoods k-beauty girl


Neogen Dermaology, a cruelty-free certified brand, puts to bed any skepticism over whether cruelty-free skincare products are effective. Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Pad swiped its way to cult status and is largely responsible for putting exfoliating pads on the mainstream map.


You’ll also love Primera for leaving parabens, synthetic colors, and fragrances out of their mostly natural formulas. The beauty brand also promises eco-friendly packaging printed with natural soy ink. You also won’t find any mini pamphlets tucked inside boxes, as the manuals and extra product information are printed on the paperboard box to help minimize the use of natural resources.


The K-Beauty Baddie Tomboy


k-beauty girl


Your Korean celebrity spirit animal is Jessi because she’s the epitome of today’s sexy and sporty tomboy. She’s Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, and Posh Spice all in one.


Your idea of an ideal skincare routine consists of a deep cleanse because you love playing with makeup, as well as multitasking products because you’ve got places to go.


Your everyday makeup is the average person’s night-out look. AM or PM, you’ll rock a smoky eye or dramatic cat-eye like it’s nobody’s business.


Your uniform includes something sporty and something sexy.


In any given moment, you’d rather be speaking out or working out.


You’ll never be caught in public without brows on fleek and highlighter.


K-beauty brands you may love get the job done with time-saving multitaskers and allow you to get creative because you don’t like to be squared in. Oh, and out-of-the-box packaging never hurt anybody, IYO.


There’s something about Son&Park that exudes an inexplicable cool factor, much like you. Maybe it’s the sleek design of the wildly loved Beauty Water. Or maybe it’s because this breakout star is an all-in-one toner, cleansing water, and exfoliator that’s gentle with a pH level of 4.5 but powerful enough for all skin types.


k-beauty girl


You’re the type that proves tomboys can wear makeup and wear it better, so makeup is crucial to you. Stylenanda’s cosmetic branch 3CE is screaming your name. From base and eyes to lips and cheeks, this seriously cool brand has everything you need to satisfy your creative cravings. Whether you just want to look the part as a baddie boxer at the gym or an intimidating boss lady, you’ll love expressing yourself with this It-girl approved brand.


We all have a little bit of each K-beauty girl within us, but which most describes you? What holy grails or under-the-radar gems reflect the type of skincare person you are?






Minimalist and a bit naturalist/geek :)


I guess I'm a geek then, but with an added incredible fondness for cute and elegant packaging, and with the desire to try absolutely every product that seems like it will deliver on its promises.

I could never be the minimalist, even though I feel like the lazy part of me desperately wants me to be one - but then there are so many products that I want to own just because I've fallen in love with the look of the packaging (Hello, The History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo. Hi there, Jill Stuart) and I think it would make for a... Read more


I'm the Goddess one ✨ㅋㅋㅋ I can't help it, I love heels ~💕


Me? Something between geek and minimalist.


Half minimalist and half geek sounds like me. And probably a dash of naturalist, although I only leave the house without foundation or bb cream when I go grocery shopping :P

half minimalist half naturalist :p I have maybe a little of godess too because I have a loooot of skincare products (Yes I am an addict, sorry not sorry lol)


I’m Minimalist! It’s the best description of me 😂🤗😂


I'm half Geek and half Minimalist, I don't really have a full make up routine, just the basics. I love skincare, but when it comes to make up I like just enough to accentuate my natural traits.


That\'s the best kind of makeup batatafreeta! I\'ve definitely got the heart of a Geek, desire to be a Minimalist, but am probably more a Goddess, just because of my crazy extensive skincare routine (definitely not my amateur hour makeup look 😂😂😂)